Bending the rails

TracksI hear the train of life… Its bearing down on me.

All the troubles of my world they just wont let me be.

My feet fall firmly between the rails for this track I chose to take.

But, my longing for the rural life sometimes make my heart ache.

The city..traffic..urban sprawl, that’s where I spend my days.

Its sure a beating on my soul, a never ending haze.

My work, the thing that brings me here is mundane and full of strife.

The reward for this is money… that’s how I view this life.

To be honest this thought is maddening.  I’m scared ill lose my mind.

I’ve got to figure out a way to change this piss poor grind.

My refuge..Gods creation! The rivers, creeks, woods and fields.That’s where I spent my youth.

Its where I want my children raised.Its where I know what’s truth.

That’s it ! I’m done!! I’ve had enough!!!  All this concrete can kiss my ass!!!!

I’m going to figure out a way to get back to my past.

Now I’m not talking jumping tracks. That’s no way to make a stand.

But, I will damn sure bend the rails when I play my next hand.

Bending the rails

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