The Fence

Good fences make good neighbors

I’ve heard this often said

The fenceTo put up separation

in place of trust or dread.

To trust one is a hard thing

not knowing true desires.

To dread one is quite simple

once un-trust fuels the fire.

On The Other Hand…

A fence is good at holding in.

To keep ones lovelies safe.

No more exploration.

Ones vulnerableness unscathed.

Exploration can be a scary thing

One just might find the beasts.

Vulnerableness can be simply hid.

Why show the world your leasts?

Imagine if you will with me

a world with out a fence.

Everything lays open,

but does it all make since?

I suppose this is the question

to ponder deep inside.

To build a fence or tear one down

To charge the world or hide.

The Fence

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