Lord, I need You!!!

In yesterdays Sunday preaching

a point was simply raised

about the center of Gods will

compared to how we spend our days.

Now that got me to thinking

as I drove to work this morning

would the me that Jesus sees

pain his heart or bring him glory.

I must confess my answer

to this question that was raised

does not thrill my heart at all

in fact it brings dismay.

As a Christian my mentor should be Jesus

My walk should follow his

to study of his teaching

my life to freely give

What then can I do

to right this wayward march

to turn my arrow towards the bull

to fix my wretched heart.

The answer lies within my failings

to which my hand has penned

I lack in study of his word

this rip I first must mend.

For he calls us all to know him

and he loves us every one

our earthly lives are filthy rags

and still he sent his Son.

My sins in life are many

yet he bore them all for me

His life on earth perfection

still they nailed him to the tree.

They… 2000 year old scape goats

yes. Physically they put Him there

but my sins are equally responsible

Lord, I gave you that cross to bear.

I may as well have held the nails

or drove them through Your flesh.

I may as well have thrust the spear

or neglected Your thirst to quench.

And still You love me any way.

You’ve known me from the start.

You’ve seen my inner workings.

You truly know my heart.

I pray Lord that this heart you know

brings more joy than pain.

I pray it is a heart you use

to bring glory to Your name.

My Lord I owe you everything

I’m nothing without you.

I’ve tried to do this on my own

and I don’t have a clue.

…..Lord I need You!!!!!!!

Lord, I need You!!!

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