Open Doors and Lights

The path we take in life is full of open doors,

and as Gods creature of free will they are all ours to explore.

Some will end in darkness, some will end in light.

How is it then that we can choose to take the one that’s right?

Some are easily ignored, our conscience steers us clear.

Others scare us to the core, though they are the ones we should draw near.

Then there’s those that seem to fit though darkness lurks inside.

I tell you friend these are the doors from which we all should hide.

Now were imperfect creatures and so were sure to take

a darkened door from time to time in decisions that we make.

I think the things to think of when were in this darkened space.

Where was it last we saw the light? How can I get back to that place?

For a door that’s dark when going in glows bright when walking out,

and the sooner that we turn around the simpler our route.

So.. What is this light I speak of and how is it I can be

assured the path and doors I choose are bright as bright can be?

The light I speak of is my Lord. Jesus is his name.

He freely gave himself for us so that we can be looked at without blame.

No darkness can be found in him. He is perfect glowing light.

Soon all creatures big and small will bow down at his might.

So it is I have decided to place my trust in Him.

To study of his teaching. To run away from sin.

The Bible is my roadmap, Jesus is my guide.

No door through which he leads me hides darkness deep inside.

I know that I’ll face struggles for this He has for-told,

but the treasure that He leads me to is worth more than all the gold.

Heaven is what I speak of, to see his shining face.

To bow down to his glory, to feel his warm embrace.

For now though… I’m in my earthly home. There is work that I must do.

To follow along the path he laid. To spread his word to you.

And so I wrote this little poem of open doors and lights.

Of choices that we all must make, and knowing which ones right.

Lastly here is the question. Which door will you choose?

The door to light or darkness. The door to win or lose.

Open Doors and Lights