Pondering Pork

A horrible thought just came to mind

of a world without a pig.

It’s surely a fitter for the handiest critter

for variety and taste.  Can you dig?

Lets start with bacon.

Wonderful bacon..

Wonderful, amazing bacon…

Words can’t describe how I feel deep inside

about the pigs most delectable part.

It spits and it spatters as it fries without batter.

My goodness, just the thought warms my heart.

I take in the smell like the wind in a sail

for it’s surely the pigs top legacy.

I dream of a bite with a crunch of delight

as my teeth settle into pork ecstasy.

Now. Onto the chops.

Pork chops..

Goodness me, fried pork chops…

One can only hope of a fortune which holds a portion

as golden they sit on a plate.

Their bully perfume infiltrate the room

just driving ones heart to elate.

The heavenly flavor my tongue yearns to savor

before it comes out of the grease.

Beside turn-up greens or boiled cabbage and beans

this surely my hunger will cease.

Don’t forget the ribs.

Yes pork ribs..

Baby back pork ribs…

Over coals of mesquite it sends joy clear down to my feet

to see a rack there on the pit.

As glaze takes them over the wafting aroma

cause my taste buds wanting to fit.

They promise a taste as they lovingly baste

My heart it beats with delight.

Tender, sweet, salty my beverage is malty

good heavens this pairings just right.

They are all so good.

There are so many ways..

To dice up a porker to eat…

From sausage to ham, pork roast or spam.

Why you can even pickle the feet.

It scares me to ponder of losing this wonder

of glutenous tasteful delight .

As these thoughts cross my mind my heart yearns to dine

on a banquet of pig parts tonight.

Pondering Pork